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Patek_philipe's Bio and Free Webcam

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June 1, 1998
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Men, Women, Trans, Couples
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1 day, 19 hours
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Yes i so like to smoke
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Hard cock
About Me:

Welcome . One of my favorite fetishes of BDSM is a great way to make piquancy in sexual relationships. With this form of role-playing game, sexual power is exchanged. I'm more than in love with this, I really am BDSM.

Usually my colleagues Choose a stop word ... when it hurts. Not ready to go on - say it and it all ends ... But I will not tolerate when they interrupt me, I do not want to listen to anything, I know how to subjugate and educate a slave, your words are not necessary to me and they are meaningless.

I do a lot of shows, and my life depends on it, because I live it. I have special shows that I practice, they are characterized by different levels based on how I like the slave. In my head more than a hundred different games and options. About some of my stories I want to tell you

#1 Walk.Slave should go naked next to the owner on all fours, performing the command "to the leg" and "next". Go around the room in a circle, you begin to understand what I want from you and I caress your cheek, neck, run my fingers into my hair, I pass them along the back .... Slave should be able to serve his wonderful voice and urgefully urge, causing a desire, this rumbling should shake his nipples. Murchenie sounds erotic. You sweet rubs on my leg and you get the deserved praise ....

#2 Stop-orgasm . This is a very cool technique based on disappointment. The essence of the game: forbid you to experience orgasm for some long time - 1-7 days. For complication, I will demand that the slave regularly masturbate, reach the peak, but you can not finish. 1-2 times a day there was sex. Which also for the slave did not end with orgasm. Either the slave masturbates and caresses me. He caresses himself. The task is to bring Mr. Philipe to orgasm, but not get discharged himself. After some time, the sexual tension of the slave becomes very strong. When I finally allow a slave to get an orgasm - he experiences extremely intense sensations.

#3 Deprivation of all senses. My task is to strengthen the slave's tactile sensations. To do this, you must disconnect all other senses - the slave is tied up so that he can not move, eyes are tied, ears are inserted into the ears. As an option - headphones with a source of "white noise" - both from the included TV without an antenna .If the slave can not move, hear and see - he will feel the touch much stronger, brighter and sharper. I'll leave you for a while all alone, then come back, touch you with cold and hot objects, caress or spank, then leave. Stimulate the sexual organs, bring to a peak, but do not let it come. Fuck hard, again bring to a peak and leave. This is a very exciting game of mine that can last very long.

#4 The Sex Doll. The slave becomes a living sex doll without the right to vote and move, remaining completely passive. I move it at my discretion, change postures and position, dress or undress. Submission is simply in the position in which it will put Philipe. Mr. Philipe at the same time commits with the body of the slave whatever he wants - strokes, slaps, penetrates.

#5 Guessing with flogging. I paint on the bare body of the slave letters and numbers with a stick or a finger. The slave guesses. If he calls an incorrect answer, he should be flogged.

For slaves, be ready to give your soul to me. If you want to be controlled, humiliated and crushed mentally, do not look further. When you are with me, you have no word, no opinion, it does not concern me, how you feel or think. You answer me, and you do what I say.For public slaves - Business and point, pull out your wallet and pass it on. Humidified before everyone you know? I will laugh at you. Make you feel unimportant. Just the way you like it

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